Thursday, September 26

C's Bridal Boudoir

I am now posting regularly over at my new website, TheHiddenBoudoir.Com where there are galleries as well as my most recent shoot of C's Bridal Boudoir taken in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check it out!

Sunday, September 22

New Pricing!

I recently realized a flaw in not only my pricing, but also in most boudoir photographers pricing. These images are meant to be special and unique and shared with your significant other, but many packages out there don't include any images for you! This had to change, so I am introducing new pricing today that will give you prints to give to your significant other and does away with limiting your wardrobe changes. As long as it fits in our time limit, you can change as many times as you feel you need to!

This shoot should be about you, and these changes reflect that!

Tuesday, September 10

A's Salt Lake Boudoir Shoot

As I said last week, I am excited to show you some pictures from this shoot. Salt Lake City Sexy Boudoir   "A" was a joy to work with and her confidence oozed through the camera. She knew what she wanted coming into the shoot. Utah Sexy Boudoir Pictures   "A" was very excited to show her boyfriend these photos after getting them done. Sexy Gift to Boyfriend Utah   I was very fortunate to work with "A" and don't forget to book your own Salt Lake City Boudoir session with me. Best Gift for Husband Utah Talk to you soon!

Friday, September 6

Preview: A's Utah Boudoir Shoot

Here's a preview of a shoot I did awhile back, but am just getting around to posting. This beautiful woman knew what she wanted out of her shoot and this is a preview of what I came up with.

Talk to you soon!